6 Week Face Toning Bootcamp

(25 customer reviews)

Our most-powerful Face Yoga Program that gives you RESULTS up to six times FASTER through targeted week by week Practice.

Our proven step-by-step blueprint to toning and tightening every inch of your face and neck!

  • Decreased forehead lines
  • Decreased crow’s feet
  • Decreased nasolabial folds
  • A sharper, firmed up jawline
  • An overall glow
  • and overall firmer face

42 days of targeted video Routines from founder, Fumiko Takatsu!

Available in 3 languages: English, Español, Português


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25 reviews for 6 Week Face Toning Bootcamp

  1. Gloria Maria C. (verified owner)

    The bootcamp is extraordinary when it comes to Tina guidance, so clear and precise, all questions are solved quickly, I feel she is really accompanying me in this project.
    The lives in FB and the advices from Fumiko are also exceptional.
    Would I have known this from the beginning I wouldn´t have bought the jumpstarts first.

  2. Borana V. (verified owner)

    I loved the program, especially the guided yoga classes with Fumiko’s motivation kick. It calmed me down after a long working day.

  3. Stefanie Z. (verified owner)

    Have been enjoying doing exercises each day as well as daily tips. I have specific areas that were not really addressed. These would be under eye bags and droopy eyelids. But overall I enjoyed the boot camp and will repeat it again !! I am not on Facebook and still feel great !!

  4. Angela F. (verified owner)

    very professional

  5. Lillie M. (verified owner)

    No comments I will continue to do exercise Thanks

  6. Angélica R. (verified owner)

    I have been getting into this wonderful life Style,, I know it takes time to see the results on my face, but I have been feeling much better from inside, positive thinking , at least my face
    won’t get worse .

  7. Daniela P. (verified owner)

    I love the kindliness that you have put into that program. Now I am more aware of my posture and my face. Thank you for sharing you knowledge ❤️

  8. Gina L. (verified owner)

    I really like this program. It helps me to follow the videos and create the routine. I can see results and I am in week four, so hopefully by the end it will be even better!!
    Amazing how working on one part of the face really affects all!

  9. Francesca S. (verified owner)

    Face yoga method is one of the best way to start my day. I love Fumiko, I love the exercises and their philosophy. I’m totally satisfied.

  10. Damian R. (verified owner)

    Halfway through and I am loving this course. It is increasing my physical awareness, the greatest gift.

  11. Nonnweiler A. (verified owner)

    midway through the bootcamp and loving every minute. Besides the exercises, there is so much information how to change bad habbits and indulge in pro -aging. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful,supportiv community.
    Greetings from a small town near Munic / Germany

  12. Anita L. (verified owner)

    As I hust started with Boot camp so I am looking forward to see the changes.
    However, while doing the jumpstart symmetrical eyes only for 2 weeks I can really see the difference. So thank you. I will keep it up and finish the course. Can’t see what will the result be

  13. Dominique R. (verified owner)

    I’m 60 ; I’m french.
    I do sports and I do yoga for four years . I feel well and still young in my body but I’m afraid when I see my face in a mirror. I have a « vata » skin (cf. ayurveda) , dry very thin and sensitive. It ages faster than others types of skins. So I’ve a lot of deep lines and wrinkles on my face and sometimes I feel I look like Droopy.
    I was determined to do something on my own (without medical techniques) and I discovered FYM through Fumiko’s free videos on Youtube.
    The lockdown was a « good » period to start a serious program. I’m at the end of the fourth week on « Face Toning Bootcamp » and I’m very happy ! I practice twice or three times a day and I learn a lot from bonuses and support community. I begin to feel changes in my face : a little more firmness and glow. But the main changes are, to date, in my mind. I become more aware of my facemuscles and (bad) habits ; I begin to tame my wrinkles and to be more gentle with my image in the mirror. I stay motivated and I hope changes will be soon obvious on my face. Then, with a great pleasure, i’ll share my photos « Before /After » with you. It needs time and perseverance.
    I ‘m ready to end and start again the « FTB » and to keep exercices in my daily routine.
    Let’s continue together and be proud of us whatever our age !

  14. Yuliya T. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy it! Thank you!

  15. Nejc P. (verified owner)

    I enjoy practicing face yoga every day now since 3 weeks. I don’t know if I see any changes in the mirror already, but I’m more aware of my posture and my face expressions.

    I love also your advices added to each day. I find it very useful.

    Thank you.

  16. Stephanie C. (verified owner)

    I swear by this 🙂 !!!!

  17. Christina V. (verified owner)

    Wonderfull teaching, and feel the effect both on the inside and outside.

  18. Mayumi Y. (verified owner)

  19. Evelyn P. (verified owner)

    hi fumiko,
    I bought the fy bootcamp on the last of December last year. I didn’t expect a miracle, I just was inspired by all the other fymembers and wanted to give some me-time to myself as a Newyears-gift. What I’ve experienced the past weeks actually was a miracle from inside out. I became more centered, a better mom, a better girlfriend. I started to be more confident. I am now more aware of my body posture, my face muscles, my nrg and I grew a little further in my self-responsibility. I changed and that effects positively my life in the now. One side effect I am grateful about is, that my pain from an injury I’ve had two years ago..suddenly disappeared. I broke my sacral bone as I fell from my horse. I’ve had and sometimes still have pain in my sacral, back and neck area..but when I do the fy poses and the warmup-poses (love them so much) I feel so relieved, free and opened. And that then again shows in my facial expression. FY for me is kind of a clay circle that brings body -mind the inner and outer world together. Thank you for that Journey <3 XOXO from Vienna 🙂 Lyn

  20. Oliwia L. (verified owner)

    I just have started yoga face . The course is very fun and relax! I expect something more boring…;) I am very happy , specially at the beginning I had doubts to sign on this 6 weeks bootcamp. It’s worth! I already can see the results! My wrinkles around my eyes start disappearing!!!!
    Thank you very much!
    I think already to sign for teacher certificate when I finish thid bootcamp 🙂

  21. Beate M. (verified owner)

    Love the exercises! I’m just in the 3rd week of the Face Toning Boot camp! I’m really impressed, how it works and what I can do. I need still more time to get results but the the awareness of some habits already changed! I really love these exercises and will continue! Thank you!

  22. Jan P. (verified owner)

    After purchasing a couple of the jump start programs, I decided I needed try the whole thing and bought the 6 week boot camp program. I also bought the face yoga ebook but thought I might be doing the poses incorrectly and needed additional guidance. I am currently finishing up week two of the six week bootcamp. I have also been continuously working on my laugh lines and neck area since around the end of May and can say that I have noticed improvements in the firmness of my neck. Other people have told me that my skin looks really nice and that it has a glow about it. What girl wouldn’t love to hear that? I also love all the little extras – the self care tips and videos that came with the boot camp program. Definitely very good value for the money. Thank You.

  23. Julia L. (verified owner)

    I would have really liked to have an app for it, rather than login in every-time, especially from the phone. its complicated.
    The video formats are good, but I personally find them a little long, with a lot of talking. I am yet to see results, but I am convinced this method works well! I just feel there could be some opportunities to make its format more efficient.


  24. MARIA P. (verified owner)

    I just have been through One week and the 15 minutes have probable just 5 minutes relates to the face and neck the other ten are related to other areas, besides there are the same exercises in different days … I am talking about the bootcamp.

  25. Jangchuk L.

    Hi,i love face yoga method,
    I am watching everyday and trying to find time for that.But honestly, me from Bhutan and think i wont be able to buy any product from there face yoga method.
    Thank you Fumiko
    Love you so much.

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