Neck & Jawline Jumpstart

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  • You Will Tone Your Neckline
  • You Will Prevent A Double Chin
  • You Will Tighten Up Your Jawline
  • You Will Prevent A Sagging Neck


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10 reviews for Neck & Jawline Jumpstart

  1. David J. (verified owner)

    I find the jump starts great but would like to have a jumpstart on all all over fun you can use daily

  2. Angela A. (verified owner)

    Halfway through and I see results already. I fell a lot less pain in my jaw, neck and shoulders, which I struggled with before. And I feel my double chin is smaller and my jawline is more defined.

  3. maria r. (verified owner)

    well, I liked the book , it was clear and the photos are perfect but did not know if I was doing the exercise correctly, even that its easy to read and do.
    So I bought the yoga method booth camp online for neck, and I am very happy to do it with Fumiko, I feel more confident because of the explanations and corrections it makes in the video.

  4. KAMRUN M. (verified owner)

    Its amazing . It has changed . now i feel my neck and jaw is toning and reducing wrinkle . its look great . Thanks Fumiko

  5. KAMRUN M. (verified owner)

    I am so happy to join neck and jawline jumpsrarts , today is my 6 day , i am surprised ,already my wrinkle get lighter then before. thanks Fumiko

  6. Nicki G. (verified owner)

    I’m loving your neck and jawline jumpstart! You’re very uplifting in your video presentations and I look forward to it every morning when I fit it into my busy routine (with children!). It makes me feel good all day. The moves in the videos are easy to follow and easy to do. Thank you for making such a fantastic product!

  7. Gloria Maria C. (verified owner)


    I am 66 years old and haven´t seen much physical results which is just normal, even if I have been exercising twice a day, I cannot expect miracles.
    One of the main changes in me is the face symmetry, both of my brows are now even, my lips as well.
    Regarding the way I feel about myself, I must accept it has quite improved .
    There are only 3 days to go and I will send the pictures once I have finished.

    Thanks for contributing to my wealthfare, the 28 days jumpstarts are a training for the brain and self-discipline!

    One last thing, I would like to receive your advise on how to continue once I have finished.


    Gloria María

  8. Christianne S. (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for Fumiko for having a big heart to share her gift of face yoga. It gives me hope and confidence that I can slow down the aging process. It has boosted my self esteem even I am not done with the program knowing that I have a chance to correct the dissapointing and deppressing signs of aging. I t gives me encouragement to continue finishing the program and repeating it again. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT FACE YOGA. It has become my lifestyle. Thank you Fumiko.

  9. Anna V. (verified owner)

    I bought jawline/neck and mouth/cheek jump-start. Both work well on man areas and I see the improvements, BUT problems with the lips remained. More deeper wrinkles appeared around the lips and lines on the corner of the mouth deepened. It happened on the last week of the programme . In the beginning, I decided that I had chosen the wrong structure of the face. I tried the second option, even worse. I will continue to try to work out there is a problem, and how I can move on with emprovement.

  10. Pirkko O. (verified owner)

    I like the exercises but they are not same in the neck and jawline calendar and in the videos.

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